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Scientific American Top 10 Emerging Tech of 2020: Olaris CEO Discusses Microneedles

November 13, 2020

Read Olaris CEO Dr. Elizabeth O'Day's article on how microneedles could enable painless injections and blood draws in Scientific Americans Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2020. 

Olaris CEO Featured in Authority Magazine's Female Disruptors Series

November 03, 2020

"My baseline for whether disruption is ‘good’ is thinking about whether the change in the industry will have a genuinely positive impact on people’s lives. Of course, this is a subjective measure, but in the case of Olaris, you can make the strong argument that our platform for determining which patients will benefit from a specific therapy will improve the lives of millions." - Dr. Elizabeth O'Day as interviewed in Authority Magazine's Female Disruptors series aimed to feature women bringing radical change to their industry. 

Olaris Presents At BU Questrom's Annual Health and Life Sciences Conference

October 30, 2020

Dr. Elizabeth O'Day discussed how Olaris leverages metabolomics and machine learning through our Biomarkers of Response platform to determine the most effective therapies for patients - providing the right drug, to the right patient, at the right time.

Olaris Honored to Recieve BostInno's 50 on Fire 2020 Award

October 26, 2020

Olaris was selected for BostInno's 50 on Fire award for our Biomarkers of Response platform to determine whether a patient will respond to certain drugs or treatments for certain types of diseases. Our technology was recognized by STAT for developing biomarker-based tests over the past year for metastatic breast cancer, metastatic gastrointestinal stromal tumors, Parkinson’s Disease and for immunosuppressive drugs given before a kidney transplant.

Olaris Featured in Node by Slush Event with Astrazeneca

October 20, 2020

Olaris joined Astrazeneca on October 20th for the first of two digital engagement events with Slush, focusing on ‘Healthcare of the future – a roadmap towards collaborative value creation’ to present our unique Biomarkers of Response platform. 

Olaris Presents at Groundbreaking Cancer & Evolution Symposium

October 16, 2020

Dr. Elizabeth O'Day joined influential scientists in cancer biology and evolutionary biology, including Azra Raza, George Church, Adelene Perkins, Frank Laukien, and Denis Noble, at the first meeting of the Cancer and Evolution Symposium to present the Olaris BoR platform for assessing breast cancer patient response to CDK4/6 inhibitors to improve outcomes.


View Dr. O'Day's talk below.  

Olaris CEO Panelist Speaker at The Digital Clinical Biomarkers & World CDx Summit

September 29, 2020

Dr. Elizabeth O'Day participated in an excellent panel discussion on Women and Diversity in Precision Medicine with Dr. Maria C.M. Orr (Head of Precision Medicine for Biopharmaceuticals at Astrazeneca) and Nina Green (VP and GM of Companion Diagnostics at Agilent Technologies) at the Clinical Biomarkers and World CDx Summit in September.

Increasing diversity in precision medicine must be deliberate, and the "Yes And, No But" challenge can do just that. When accepting an opportunity, suggest a colleague or individual who you think would also benefit from and contribute to the experience but may not have been offered the opportunity. If you are unable to accept, suggest someone who is less likely to be invited to go in your place!

Olaris CEO Selected for Boston Business Journals 40 under 40

September 14, 2020

Dr. Elizabeth O’Day was selected for the Boston Business Journals 40 under 40 award which highlights the best and brightest professionals in the Greater Boston area.

CCO Leslie Hoyt Speaker for HBA Women's Leadership Panel

September 23, 2020

Olaris CCO and COO Leslie Hoyt spoke at the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association's event "The Women’s Leadership Gap: Climbing Beyond the Broken Rung in the Career Ladder." Leslie was joined by four highly accomplished women in the science and pharmaceutical space who have climbed beyond the ‘broken rung’ in their career ladders and excelled into leadership positions, including Dr. Alita Miller (VP of Biosciences Entasis Therapeutics), Dr. Shruta Rege (Head of  Regulatory Affairs at Entasis), Dr. Nerissa Kreher (CMO of Tiburio Therapeutics) and Deb Tatton (Senior VP of GCO at Parexel). 

In Her Own Words: Olaris founder Dr. Elizabeth O’Day’s biopharma company was at the crossroads of performance and pandemic

September 01, 2020

Dr. Elizabeth O’Day’s Olaris team had developed a platform that could help patients suffering from breast cancer and Parkinson’s as well as other diseases get the right drugs at the right time. And then Covid-19 hit. Read more in The Business Journals feature.

Check out our latest article on personalized medicine in the Middle East and North Africa!

August 07, 2020

Biomarkers are the fuel for precision medicine and prevention. But what happens to populations for which biomarker data is lacking? CEO and Founder Dr. Elizabeth O'Day co-authored a piece through the WEF on the potential for genomic and lifestyle studies to make for a healthier future in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

"The Death of Disease?" Panel Featuring Olaris CEO Dr. Elizabeth O'Day

July 23, 2020

This summer, 32,000 people from around the world tuned into Collision, North America's fastest-growing tech conference. Dr. O'Day spoke on "The Death of Disease?" panel, where she discussed the prospects of a disease-free world. 

Inspiration on the Personalized Medicine Podcast

June 25, 2020

The latest episode of the Personalized Medicine Podcast features CEO and Founder Dr. Liz O'Day discussing everything from science to comic books to business to even detailing the joys and frustrations of a western blot   Available via your favorite podcast platform! 


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Google Podcasts:

Passion & Purpose. Fireside Chat with StartUp Grind

June 25, 2020

Purpose & Passion. Check out Startup Grind's fireside chat with CEO and Founder Dr. Elizabeth O'Day on what is like to transition from academia to industry and start a company. Thank you to sponsors Google for Startups,  SVB Financial Group and Brex

Xconomy Xcelerating Life Science Highlight Podcast Featuring Olaris CEO Dr. Elizabeth O'Day

June 09, 2020

The highlight reel is out from Xconomy's Xcelerating Life Sciences event. Tune in for a recap and check out minutes 18:45-21:00 to hear Olaris CEO Dr. Elizabeth O'Day discuss why the world needs precision medicine now more than ever in the COVID-19 era.

Olaris CEO Elected to Personalized Medicine Coalition Board of Directors

June 09, 2020

Dr. Elizabeth O’Day will lead personalized medicine investment and adoption efforts globally during three-year term  

World Economic Forum releases final Vision Statement for Precision Medicine

May 28, 2020

Over the past year, Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day , has served on the World Economic Forum's Global Precision Medicine Council to unlock precision medicine in healthcare for all. Dr. O'Day led the task force focusing on Access and Fair Pricing. Today the World Economic Forum released the final Vision Statement for Precision Medicine! Find WEF's recommendations for advancing precision medicine globally here.

Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day, contributes to USP's Trust or Consequences 2040 Report

May 22, 2020

Just weeks before COVID19 made headlines, Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day, collaborated with 100+ global experts to explore the future of medicine & healthcare. The project was a joint effort of U.S. Pharmacopeia and SupermindsMIT. A recurring theme between now and 2040 was the increasing frequency of global crises, like COVID-19. Read more in the full report, Trust or Consequences 2040, here.

BiopharmaTrend highlights 11 women entrepreneurs advancing AI in life sciences

May 18, 2020

BiopharmaTrend recently highlighted 11 women entrepreneurs from across the world, including Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day, who are solving some of healthcare's biggest problems through AI and machine learning. Read more about their game-changing research here!

Olaris CEO to Speak at Xconomy’s Xcelerating Life Sciences Boston Event

May 13, 2020

Olaris CEO Dr. Elizabeth O’Day will speak at Xcelerating Life Sciences Boston, an Xconomy virtual conference & networking event focused on biopharma’s future in digital health. Dr. O'Day will sit on the panel, “Managing the Patient in the World of Personalized Medicine.”

Olaris featured in BiopharmaTrend Q&A article, "Hacking Metabolomics With AI To Imporve Clinical Research"

May 12, 2020

"Hacking Metabolomics With AI To Improve Clinical Research" Check out Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day's, recent Q&A interview with BiopharmaTrend. Dr. O'Day explains how Olaris combines metabolomics, NMR and machine learning to further precision medicine. Read the full article here!

Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day, received an invitation to join the World Health Organization's Global Health Foresight Function

May 04, 2020

Invitation accepted! The World Health Organization does phenomenal work across the globe. Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day, is honored to receive an invite from the CSO Dr. Swaminathan to lend her expertise on how to plan for and execute on a healthier global future.

Olaris Biomarkers of Response platform featured in Forbes

March 31, 2020

Thank you to Forbes for chatting with Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day, about how Olaris is trying to get the right drug to the right patient at the right time. 

Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day, featured in Lab Manager to share how Olaris has transitioned to work from home amid COVID-19

March 30, 2020

"This is an unprecedented time in history where every single person has a role to play." Working from home and social distancing play a major role in slowing the spread of COVID-19, but this transition is not as simple for laboratory staff. Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day, shares how Olaris has pivoted to work from home for all employees and redirected scientists' work. Read more about our decision and where our focus lies now in Lab Manager's recent article.

Olaris selected to particpate in the MedTech Innovator Online Pitch event

March 24, 2020

MedTech Innovator seeks to award companies that are transforming healthcare and improving patient's lives. Dr. Liz O'Day, Olaris CEO, will pitch Olaris' metabolomics platform to a series of judges in the hopes of moving forward in the MedTech Innovator Road Tour.

Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day, highlighted in Eight Roads blog as inspiring entreprenuer

March 13, 2020

In honor of National Women's Day, Eight Roads highlighted a few women entrepreneurs who inspire them. Read more about these incredibly accomplished women, including Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day, and why we need more women in entrepreneurship and venture capital.

Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day, profiled in HubWeek's Change Marker series

March 11, 2020

What are Olaris' BoRs and how will they fundamentally change the way diseases are treated? Learn about our Biomarkers of Response and Olaris' mission here! 

Olaris Announces Findings from Exploratory Analysis of Biomarkers that Predict Patient Responsiveness to Trastuzumab Therapy

March 02, 2020

Olaris’ metabolite profiling platform and machine learning algorithms have the potential to accurately indicate whether HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer patients will respond to trastuzumab therapy.

Olaris Abstract Accepted for Poster Presentation at ENC

February 13, 2020

Olaris' will be presenting a poster at the ENC! The Experimental NMR Conference features innovative research in NMR spectroscopy and Olaris is very excited to share our recent studies on the power of NUS 13C 1H HSQC NMR. Learn more about the conference below.

Olaris Announces Grant from The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research

February 11, 2020

Initial project focus on uncovering metabolic signatures associated with neurodegenerative disease to provide deeper insight into mechanisms involved in Parkinson’s and its progression.

Olaris CEO, Liz O'Day, featured in DRG blog "A Startup Scouring The Metabolome for Precision Medicine Biomarkers"

February 06, 2020

Want to learn more about Olaris and the power of metabolomics? Olaris CEO, Liz O'Day, discusses Olaris' platform and how metabolic biomarkers have the potential to change the way cancer is treated in the DRG blog.

Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day, and COO, Leslie Hoyt, travel to San Fransisco for JPM

January 13, 2020

Olaris CEO, Liz O'Day, and COO, Leslie Hoyt, had a fantastic time this week at J.P. Morgan Healthcare conference in San Fransisco! It is a great opportunity to meet with new and old friends to share Olaris' story and learn from other innovators in healthcare. 

Olaris is Presenting a Poster at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium!

December 12, 2019

Olaris is thrilled to present at the SABCS! We are excited to learn from the world's top breast cancer oncologists and share the results of our recent study, "Pretreatment serum metabolome predicts PFS in first-line trastuzumab-treated metastatic breast cancer." Learn more about the conference here.

Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day, interviewed for US Pharmacopeia's TrustTV to discuss trust in healthcare

November 14, 2019

US Pharmacopeia will be releasing the series, TrustTV, to highlight trust, or lack thereof, in healthcare by interviewing multiple stakeholders in the healthcare system. Dr. Liz O'Day sat down with Dr. Dhruv Khullar to share her thoughts on the importance of trustworthiness in healthcare. The interview will be released in early 2020.

Olaris COO, Leslie Hoyt, is attending the Personalized Medicine Conference!

November 13, 2019

Olaris is a proud member of the Personalized Medicine Coalition, an innovative group working to advance precision medicine in today's health systems. This week they are hosting the Personalized Medicine Conference to bring together the world leaders in precision medicine. Learn more about the conference here.

Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day, travels to Dubai for the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils

November 06, 2019

As the co-chair of the Global Future Council on Biotechnology, Dr. O'Day worked with this passionate team to discuss patient-focused policy changes that can increase biotechnology innovation around the world. Check out the discussions in Dubai here.

Meet the Olaris Scientific Advisory Board!

October 21, 2019

Olaris is honored to have these four world leading experts in NMR, diagnostics, metabolomics and data on our SAB. One of our core vales is to "always strive for better" and there is no doubt these SAB members will continuously push us to do just that. Thank you to Dr. Gerhard Wagner, Stan Lapidus, Dr. Bob Powers and Monty Kothiwale for being part of the Olaris team.

Olaris finds a new home in the AstraZeneca Boston BioHub!

October 01, 2019

Olaris has been invited to the AstraZeneca Incubator Labs at the Boston BioHub! We can't wait to join their community in Waltham, MA starting October 1st. 

Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day, featured in Life Science Leaders magazine article

October 03, 2019

Check out Life Science Leader's article about Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day, and PanTher Therapeutics CEO, Dr. Laura Indolfi's experience with the MLSC MassNextGen program and how it helped them grow their network and business.

Olaris has completed our Series A Financing Round!

September 30, 2019

We are proud to announce Olaris has completed its Series A funding led by Innospark Ventures. Our team's talent, passion, commitment and moral compass will continue define us in the next phase of Olaris' journey.

Olaris is presenting at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium!

September 25, 2019

Olaris has been studying trastuzumab drug response in metastatic breast cancer patients and we are very proud to share our findings with everyone at SABCS, one of the largest breast cancer conferences in the US!

"Give Me Inspiration! The Paradigm Shift": Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day, talks with Master of Churchill College

September 16, 2019

"Give Me Inspiration! The Paradigm Shift" is a series of conversations with the Master of Churchill College, Professor Dame Athene Donald, that focuses on women leaders and what motivates them to continue to break down barriers. Olaris CEO and Churchill College alum, Dr. Liz O'Day, has been invited to participate in New York City next week.

Olaris CEO to sit on EY Women Leading Innovation Breakfast panel

September 12, 2019

The EY Women Leading Innovation Breakfast is next week and Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O’Day, is sitting on a panel with four other incredible women changing the game in the health science field. These women will discuss their experience in the industry as well as how to showcase more women at the forefront of innovation.

Olaris is participating in World CB&CDx!

September 05, 2019

Can’t wait for next weeks’ World CB&CDx Boston conference, the world’s top clinical biomarker and companion diagnostics conference! Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O’Day, will be a featured speaker and Olaris CCO, Leslie Hoyt, will be moderating the panel discussion. 

Olaris CEO will serve as Co-Chair for the Global Future Council on Biotechnology at the World Econoic Forum

August 22, 2019

Dr. Liz O'Day will serve her second term as the Co-Chair on the Global Future Council on Biotechnology. The Council supports the increased development of biotechnology across the world, while addressing global inequalities relating to access and treatment.

Olaris is a winner in the Innostars Competition!

July 10, 2019

Olaris is a preliminary winner in the Innostars competition which works to introduce American technology companies to opportunities in the Chinese market. Olaris will debut their technology in China and compete in Innostars industry finals.

Scientific American "Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2019"

July 01, 2019

The Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2019 are out and scientists are looking at a unique class of proteins as new possible targets for cancer and Alzheimer's drugs. Check out Olaris CEO's perspective on the topic.

MASLI Day! Olaris CEO speaks on VC and entrepreur panel

June 27, 2019

The Massachusetts Life Sciences Innovation Day highlights just how interconnected technology, life sciences and entrepreneurship are in our world. Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day, will be speaking on a panel with other entrepreneurs to discuss how they use this intertwined relationship to help patients.  

Two amazing days at the Charite Entrepreneurship Summit!

June 17, 2019

Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day, had the opportunity this week to exchange stories and perspectives with scientists and entrepreneurs from across the world at the Charite Entrepreneurship Summit hosted by the Berlin Institute of Health.

Olaris featured on "The Long Run" podcast

June 13, 2019

Listen to Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day, share Olaris' mission and how it all started on Luke Timmerman's biotech podcast, The Long Run.

Olaris Work Featured on the Breast Cancer Podcast!

June 01, 2019

As a major patient advocacy group for breast cancer patients, works to provide support and information to women with breast cancer. The Olaris team had the opportunity to speak on the Breast Cancer podcast, a great platform to share Olaris' mission and the unlimited potential of biomarkers!

Olaris presents groundbreaking data ASCO 2019!

May 28, 2019

The Olaris Team gives poster presentation at the ASCO Annual Meeting on biomarker to optimize CDK4/6 treatment for breast cancer patients.

Olaris CEO sits on panel, "The Evolving Role of Biomarkers and Diagnostics"

April 24, 2019

Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day, sits on a panel at the Cancer Advance Conference to discuss how biomarkers and diagnostics are changing how we treat cancer. 

Olaris CEO on Steering Committee for Cancer Advance 2019

April 24, 2019

Cancer Advance Boston's Steering Committee has been working very hard to put together a brilliant group of speakers to discuss breakthrough cancer therapies and, equally as important, making sure these incredible therapies get to patients in need.

Olaris CEO named one of Women and Wealth Magaines's "19 Women to Watch in 2019"

April 09, 2019

Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day, is honored and proud to be included in such an inspiring group of women. Congratulations to all the other awardees!

Check-out Massachusetts Life Science Center's newsletter featuring Olaris CEO

March 21, 2019

The MLSC newsletter, "Data Challenger: Liz O'Day", discusses the Mass NextGen program, which supports women-led early-stage life science companies with funding and mentorship opportunities. Olaris CEO and one of the first awardees of the program, Dr. Liz O'Day, explains how she grew Olaris with the help of Mass NextGen.

Olaris CEO speaks at PANIC

March 03, 2019

Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day, had the opportunity to speak at the Practical Application of NMR in Industry Conference this week. The conference was an amazing opportunity to learn more about the latest technologies in NMR and to share how Olaris uses NMR to identify critical BoRs (Biomarkers of Response).

Olaris joins Innospark Venture's portfolio!

February 27, 2019

We are thrilled to announce that Olaris has joined the Innospark Venture's portfolio! So happy to be working with a company that shares Olaris' belief in the power of AI and data driven decisions.

What If: Everyone Had Their Genome Sequenced at Birth? Olaris CEO speaks at World Economic Forum

January 08, 2019

That's only the beginning of the conversation. Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day, tackles this question and the many more that follow with other panelists at the World Economic Forum. Listen to the thought-provoking discussion here.

Olaris CEO discusses "Big Data and Biofluids" on Dubai Future Talks

December 13, 2018

Olaris CEO, Dr. Liz O'Day,  discusses how big data and biobanks can be used to better diagnose and treat patients. The Olaris team is endlessly passionate about this mission and it was a pleasure to be able to share it on the Dubai Future Talks.

Olaris is partnering with Rheostat!

December 10, 2018

Rheostat works to develop novel treatment for neurodegenerative diseases and the Olaris team hopes to help them do just that with our biomarker platform!

Advanced Diagnostics Are Top Emerging Tech of 2018!

September 14, 2018

Advanced diagnostics was recognized by Scientific American as one of the top emerging technologies for 2018! Honored to co-author this piece on how biomarkers are literally revolutionizing how we diagnose and treat disease! Co-authored by CEO/Founder Dr. Elizabeth O'Day

Olaris wins Mass NextGen Award!

July 23, 2018

In partnership with the Massachusetts Life Science Center, Takeda and King Street Properties Olaris received the inaugural Mass NextGen Award which provides women-led early-stage life science companies non-dilutive grant funding and access to a network of seasoned Executive Coaches. 

Are We There Yet? How and When Specific Biotechnologies Will Improve Human Health

May 24, 2018

From genome editing to precision medicine learn the details of how these biotechnologies are poised to transform health

Featured Interview in Lab Manager Magazine: Promoting a Startup Mindset in Your Laboratory

March 12, 2018

The most successful startups are able to walk the fine line between being both focused and flexible

Olaris wins a spot at Harvard's LifeLab

March 01, 2018

Olaris joins Johnson & Johnson family

February 01, 2018

Olaris has been awarded the JLABs "Golden Ticket".  

Human Metabolism Meets Entrepreneurship- a new course taught by Olaris CEO

December 04, 2017

Olaris CEO talks Precision Medicine at Strategic Session with the Ministers of the UAE

November 12, 2017

Olaris CEO serves of World Economic Forum Global Future Council of Biotechnology

November 11, 2017

Olaris CEO attends Annual New Champions Meeting in Dalian China

June 25, 2017

Olaris CEO invited speaker & contributor to AAUW meeting "Solving the Equation"

April 04, 2017

Olaris CEO invited Speaker Quest's "NEXTGEN WOMEN LEADERS PROGRAM"

February 15, 2017

Olaris CEO lectures at the Broad on "new biotech"

January 17, 2017

Real Talk about Alternative Careers with Entrepreneur, Dr. Liz O'Day (Tufts Biomedical Business Club)

December 06, 2016

Olaris CEO featured in LabManager Cover Article

December 02, 2016

Olaris CEO participates in UAE Value-Based Healthcare Strategic Session at Global Future Council Meeting

November 14, 2016

Speaker at BioEntrepreneur Bootcamp with MassBio, SR One and Pepper Hamilton

October 18, 2016

MIT Biotech Group Lunch Seminar with Liz O’Day, CEO and Founder of Olaris Therapeutics

August 25, 2016

CEO of Olaris speaks at StartUp Leadership Conferencec on "Getting Funded in LifeSciences"

August 04, 2016

Dr. Elizabeth O'Day named an Inspirational Woman of 2016

February 25, 2016

"3 ways personalized medicine will affect you" article by Olaris CEO, Dr. Elizabeth O'Day for the World Economic Forum

January 23, 2016

Olaris CEO featured in "Who are the women of Davos 2016"

January 15, 2016

Olaris CEO, Dr. Elizabeth O'Day, invited speaker at Davos

January 19, 2017

Olaris celebrates 1 year at Red Sox

June 01, 2015

Olaris celebrates milestone accomplishment with investors

October 23, 2014

Women in Science & Technology (WST): The Evolution of a Program that is Creating a Community of Women in Science

July 17, 2014

Olaris 1st intern Abigale helps achieve milestones!

August 04, 2014

Olaris begins!

June 01, 2014

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