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Metabolomics and Machine Learning
to Remove Guesswork from Medicine

Olaris’ high-throughput metabolomics and machine learning platform enables unbiased identification of metabolite signatures across therapeutic areas to stratify patients into optimal treatment groups.

Novel metabolite BoRs are translated into in vitro diagnostics to empower therapeutic selection, response monitoring, disease diagnosis, and target identification in oncology, solid-organ transplant, and neurodegeneration.

Our unique approach paired with clinical data sets from collaborations with world-class academic institutions and leading biopharmaceutical companies produce cutting-edge insights into the connection between disease and metabolism to transform care.

Unlocking Unique Insights Into Health

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Metabolomics is the study of metabolites and metabolic pathways. Metabolites are the small molecules that swim around in our bodies that provide the energy and the biomass to support all cellular processes. Measuring the metabolome is poised to reveal a more holistic understanding of an individual than any other data set.

Unlike genomics which provides information about what “could happen” or proteomics which relays information on the cell machinery that “makes things happen”, metabolites are a functional readout for what is “actually happening” inside an individual. We can understand the activity of enzymes by the presence or absence of certain metabolites.

Furthermore, metabolites are influenced by both the genome and the environment, thus providing a “chemical fingerprint” of an individual’s overall health and lifestyle. In fact, the metabolites in your urine are a more unique identifier than your fingerprint- they reveal sex, age, ethnicity, recent travels, diet, predisposition to disease, and response to therapy. 


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A healthy metabolic system is the basis of life. Studying metabolic systems gives unique insights into the fundamental mechanisms of disease.

etabolism has been implicated in nearly every type of chronic disease including cancer, neurodegeneration, cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and aging.

By leveraging metabolomics profiling tools such as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Mass Spectrometry, we can identify signatures distinguishing certain clinical outcomes or disease states to develop diagnostic tools to aid patients and clinicians throughout the entire treatment journey.

Metabolomics for Precision Medicine

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Unlike typical metabolomics methods with cumbersome acquisition times, Olaris technology is based on innovative unbiased NMR and MS profiling techniques developed at Harvard that can identify and quantify thousands of metabolites. By building advanced machine learning models based on clinical metabolomics data from large sample sets, Olaris discovers metabolite BoRs that can offer clinicians information such as who will respond to a certain treatment, or whether a patient is at risk of treatment complications. 

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Focusing on the Greatest Unmet Needs

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We are developing a robust pipeline of in-vitro diagnostics (IVDs) to enable response monitoring, treatment selection, screening across therapeutic and disease areas including oncology, immune response for solid-organ transplant, and neurodegeneration. Our work in these areas is deepening understanding of underlying disease mechanisms and can be leveraged to accelerate the development of novel therapeutics via target identification. 

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