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Olaris Welcomes Dr. Leonardo Rodrigues as VP of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Bringing expertise in precision medicine, Dr. Rodrigues will lead the acceleration of Olaris’ data strategy for the development of novel diagnostics.

May 12, 2021Olaris, Inc, a pioneering precision medicine company leveraging metabolomics and machine learning for the discovery and development of Biomarkers of Response (BoRs) to optimize treatments and patient outcomes has hired Dr. Leonardo Rodrigues as Vice President of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

In his role, Dr. Rodrigues will lead the acceleration of Olaris’ data strategy for the continued development of novel diagnostics with the potential to transform how diseases are diagnosed and treated. He will also provide critical insight enabling Olaris to streamline its technology for companion diagnostic development with biopharma partners in clinical trials.

“Dr. Rodrigues is the ideal person to scale our AI platform. He has the scientific training, real-world experience, and demonstrated success as a leader in precision medicine to bring our diagnostics to patients” said Dr. Elizabeth O’Day, Chief Executive Officer and Founder.

Prior to Olaris, Dr. Rodrigues led data science efforts for over 9 years at BERG Health, designing and deploying innovative data analytics solutions in clinical development and digital health. He holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of São Paulo and was a post-doctoral fellow in Robert Weinberg’s laboratory at the Whitehead Institute.

“Olaris is uniquely positioned to usher in the next generation of precision medicine tools that directly impact patient care. Their leadership to go beyond genomics and focus on metabolomics is pushing the field of precision medicine forward. I am honored to join the team and excited to apply my knowledge of data infrastructure, data mining, and biomarker discovery to build long-term success for Olaris” said Dr. Rodrigues.

About Olaris
Olaris is working to fundamentally change how diseases are treated by leveraging our proprietary metabolomics and machine learning platform to identify Biomarker of Response (BoR) signatures. Olaris develops BoR in vitro diagnostics (IVDs) to empower patients, providers, and biopharma to pursue the most effective treatment. To learn more, visit

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