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Olaris Announces Third Metrowest 9/90 Seminar Series Event

Olaris, Inc., a precision medicine company in Framingham leveraging metabolomics and machine learning to discover and develop its myOLARIS™ diagnostics products, is excited to announce the third event in the 9/90 Metrowest Seminar Series, titled “Will Generative AI Fast-Track Innovation and Creativity?,” to be held on Wednesday, September 20 at 9:30am at 100 Crossing Boulevard in Framingham. The event will feature a panel of speakers with experience in the AI space.

The Metrowest 9/90 Seminar Series is a quarterly series of events featuring current topics in business relevant to the growing biotechnology industry in and around Framingham. The series is presented by Olaris as a way to bring together individuals in the industry and highlight the Metrowest area as a great place to work. The previous seminar series events covered topics surrounding advances in “Omics” technologies (proteomics, genomics, and metabolomics) and their ability to transform biomedical research as well as finance and the biotech industry.

The seminar series event begins at 9:30 AM at the 9/90 campus and is open to the public. RSVPs are encouraged due to limited capacity; please RSVP at

September 5, 2023

Olaris Announces Third Metrowest 9/90 Seminar Series Event
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